In Depth Newscast – May 3

  • Treasury is buying you more time to pay your agency’s bills. Secretary Timothy Geithner says he can keep the government from reaching the debt limit until August second. The government was on track to hit the limit in July. Congress is working to increase it, so the government can avoid defaulting on its obligations. (AP)
  • Federal Employees may soon be able to sit on non-profit boards. The government ethics office has proposed an exemption to current conflict-of-interest laws. The rule would let feds sit on the boards of non-profit organizations in their official government capacities. The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel ruled 15 years ago that such appointments violate the law.
  • Doctors, lawyers, and dentists top the list of the highest paid feds in government. USA Today analyzed federal workforce data from the Office of Personnel Management. They found feds who make more than $180,000 a year account for less than one percent of the workforce. Doctors make up eight of 10 of those top-salaried jobs. Attorneys accounted for 6 percent, followed by dentists, with almost 3 percent.