18 charged in nationwide drug ring bust

Alicia Lozano, wtop.com

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Eighteen suspects have been charged in Virginia for involvement in a nationwide drug ring that authorities say recruited college athletes as dealers.

The organization allegedly transported high-quality marijuana from California to distributors in more than a dozen states.

Federal authorities allege that the ringleader, 46-year-old Anthony Guidry, Sr. of Vallejo, Calif., in some cases zeroed in on college athletes to sell on university campuses.


Court documents show that on April 7, 2011, for example, Guidry described how he had met a 19-year-old student who plays games “all over the country.” He was impressed with the amount of traveling the athlete did and the “kind of money” that could be generated on the road.

Investigators estimate that Guidry has made at least $2 million in profits since 2005.

Authorities say the ring was uncovered through the arrest of Moataz Mohammad Masoud, a 26-year-old Alexandria resident, in January of 2010. While detained, Masoud allegedly called other dealers to make sure they could continue selling the marijuana.

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