How to pick the winners, losers of bus safety

Adam Tuss,

WASHINGTON — If you’ve ever traveled on one of those discount bus lines, or are planning to, you may be wondering about the safety record of the bus company, especially after the deadly crash that killed four people on Interstate 95 Tuesday morning.

There is an easy way to check the records of companies like DC2NY and Vamoose, which operate out of the D.C. area.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a search tool on its website that lets you look through in-depth records about the operators.


You can type in the company’s name, or better yet the “dot number” for the company. That number is usually listed at the bottom of the website.

You can find out how many times and when companies have been cited for violations like speeding, fatigued driving and drug and alcohol use. You can also check vehicle maintenance records.

Here are a couple of codes to use for local companies:

  • DC2NY: 604665
  • Vamoose: 402959

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