Earthquake recap: What went right and wrong

David Olive, Principal, Catalyst Partners

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 10:24 am

It may be too soon to come to final conclusions about lessons learned from Tuesday’s 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the D.C. region. But it’s not too early to start evaluating the actions agencies took in response.

For example, the decision for the Office of Personnel Management to released federal employees early resulted in traffic gridlock in Washington.

“Whenever OPM decides to let government employees leave early, they should ensure that the D.C. government traffic operations folks have time to deploy to critical intersections to keep traffic flow manageable,” writes David Olive, principal of Catalyst Partners, on Security Debrief’s website. Catalyst is a Washington-based government relations and public affairs firm.

Olive, former Chief of Staff for Rep. Asa Hutchinson, discusses what else could have gone better in the earthquake aftermath.