FEBs talk back to Washington: Dallas-Fort Worth

Gladean Butler, executive director, Dallas-Fort Worth FEB

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 9:41 am

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The center of the government sector may be in D.C. but that’s not the only place federal service is carried out.

Gladean Butler, the executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board, joined Federal News Radio for a live interview where she explained the virtues of federal service outside the immediate Washington center of gravity.

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    On being outside the Washington bubble:

    “Well the beauty of it is that we’re closer to the people that we serve. We liked to look at it as the folk in Washington are to primarily establish policy for the various laws that are passed in our Congress. And those of us who are out in the field are there to implement those policies.”

    On communication with Washington:

    “There is communication with Washington. The federal managers in the field have very frequent communications with Washington over mission-specific issues. As far as the Federal Executive Board is concerned, since our focus is one that is for those types of initiatives that cross agency lines … We don’t have that day-to-day interaction with Washington unless it’s necessary.”

    On FEB meetings:

    “Since we are primarily a communications organization, it’s important that we have communication with all of the federal agency heads all the time. Of course … there many not be any need for daily communication, but we try to make sure that the information is flowing both ways all the time … We do have meetings about six times a year for the joint group.”

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