Federal News Countdown: Performance.gov, budget cuts

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown are:
Alan Chvotkin, Executive Vice President, Professional Services Council
John Kamensky, Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Alan Chvotkin stories
#3 What should feds do if there’s another earthquake?
From Washington Post:

Never fear, the federal government has guidance for this. And it’s the kind that some will appreciate and others will laugh at for its coddling nature and tone.

#2 OMB to agencies: Cut 2013 budgets 5-10 percent
From Federal Time:


Agency heads were ordered last week to prepare fiscal 2013 budgets that cut up to 10 percent from this year’s discretionary spending levels. And in an Aug. 17 memo ordering the cuts, the Office of Management and Budget also told leaders to find ways to save money by improving efficiency and cutting out duplicative efforts.

#1 Removing the obstacles to economic growth
From Washington Post:

It is critical that as we work toward solutions to overcome both crises, the paths we take don’t expedite or worsen the other.

But the politics of division have reared up, fueled by efforts to incite class warfare. For example, though he often talks about millionaires, billionaires and corporate jet owners paying their “fair share,” behind closed doors the president admits to wanting to raise taxes on individuals making $200,000 per year and families and small businesses earning $250,000 per year.

John Kamensky stories
#3 White House memo puts COOs on the hot seat
From Federal Computer Week:

Federal departments and agencies must redouble their efforts to identify and cut wasteful spending and to improve performance, according to a new policy memo from the White House.

The Aug. 17 memo to federal chief operating officers, written by Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew and Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients, provides guidance in two areas: reducing wasteful spending and boosting performance.

#2 OMB details agency obligations under Government Performance Act
From Government Executive:

Chief operating officers must “redouble their efforts to cut waste” as they lead their agency’s efforts to set priority goals required by the 2010 update of the Government Performance and Results Act, according to an Office and Management and Budget memo.

#1 Office of Management and Budget puts accountability online
From Washington Post:

If you’re a bureaucracy junkie, the Office of Management and Budget has a cool toy for you.

Performance.gov is a Web site OMB plans to launch at midday Thursday. It allows users to track the progress, or lack of it, federal agencies are making in a number of areas. Actually much more than a toy for geeks, it can be an important means of holding the administration accountable on its plans to make the government more user-friendly.