Seven lessons from the Recovery Act

Ed DeSeve, former Special Advisor to the President for Recovery Implementation

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 1:22 pm

In the past three years, the government has granted roughly $787 billion in tax benefits, loans and contracts to more than 250 accounts across government as part of the Recovery Act.

Ed DeSeve was the Special Advisor to the President for Recovery Implementation and is now the President of the Global Public Leadership Institute. He gives In Depth with Francis Rose an inside look at the lessons learned from the Recovery Act.

In a report by the IBM Center for the Business of Government, DeSeve identifies seven lessons:

  • Attention from the top matters.
  • Transparency minimizes fraud.
  • Financial information can be transmitted in an almost real-time environment.
  • New technology enables direct reporting.
  • Geospatial mapping makes data more understandable.
  • Collaboration through networks was essential.
  • The Recovery Act provides a template for agency planning in the future.



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