Top 10 cloud computing lessons

Yogesh Khanna, chief technology officer, CSC's North American Public Sector

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 1:57 pm

As more agencies move to the cloud, the list of best — and worst — practices is getting longer and more sophisticated.

Yogesh Khanna, the chief technology officer of CSC’s North American Public Sector, has compiled his list of top 10 lessons learned.

Khanna writes in Envision Gov IT:

  1. Focus on selecting and migrating workloads into the right cloud, the right way.
  2. Know what you have in your enterprise, including apps, middleware and infrastructure.
  3. Analyze how to consolidate and optimize your data center infrastructure and apps.
  4. Build a risk profile for each of your workloads and map them on a risk spectrum. Consider placing citizen-facing apps in clouds; however, keep classified and mission-critical, strategic-business-unit data in private, perhaps virtualized environments.
  5. Identify transformation champions within your organization.
  6. Demand enterprise-class SLAs.
  7. Look for service providers that give you easy on- and off-ramps to clouds.
  8. Roll up your sleeves and collaborate with Industry to address procurement-process challenges.
  9. Address the likely impact of clouds on your organization from the very beginning. Specifically, focus on improving governance, filling skill gaps, and adapting business processes. Evaluate the role of your IT organization in delivering and managing cloud services to your employees or customers.
  10. Take a structured approach to change management.