User experience neglected in some agency apps

Jen Modarelli, CEO and principal, White Horse

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 2:02 pm

Your agency’s mobile applications are getting a once-over, and they may need a makeover. Jen Modarelli, CEO and principal of White Horse, has been studying federal government apps. She joins In Depth with Francis Rose to talk about which agency apps are in good shape, which ones need a tune-up and how to get your apps on the right track.

A White Horse report. found an over-reliance on mobile applications at federal agencies. At the same time, the web experiences of apps was neglected.

“Although mobile platforms are one of the critical new ways in which citizens, government employees and others access and use information from the government, developing a successful experience on mobile pl>atforms is not something to be done haphazardly or as a stopgap measure,” said report author Will Reese in a statement.