Federal News Radio Countdown: Cloud computing, banning email and USPS budget woes

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:

Bob Otto, executive vice president at Agilex and former USPS CIO
Dan Mintz, Powertek chief operating officer and former Transportation Department CIO

Bob Otto’s stories
#3 If you think you’ll save money with cloud computing, think again
From Nextgov:

More than half of organizational users saved little or no money after transitioning to cloud computing, according to a new study, and only 14 percent actually downsized their information technology departments after moving to the cloud.


#2 USPS aims to close 250 processing plants, cut 30,000 jobs
From Federal News Radio:

Already mocked by some as “snail mail,” first-class U.S. mail will slow even more by next spring under plans by the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service to eliminate more than 250 processing centers.

#1 New FedRAMP standards first step to secure cloud computing
From Federal News Radio:

The federal IT reform effort is celebrating its one-year anniversary and the Office of Management and Budget highlighted it by releasing of the much-anticipated cloud security framework.

Dan Mintz’s stories
#3 Banning e-mail in the office: Is this a good idea?
From Government Computer News:

People have complained for years about having to live with e-mail, but can you live without it? The CEO of Europe’s biggest IT services company plans to find out, announcing a plan to ban e-mail for his company’s 74,000 employees, who are located in 42 countries.

#2 State Dept., Coast Guard to lash health record systems together
From Government Computer News:

The State Department and the U.S. Coast Guard will begin sharing an electronic health record system, according to State Department officials.

#1 DISA makes headway on key enterprise initiatives
From Defense Systems:

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) saw momentous changes and challenges in 2011. The agency began the year celebrating its 50th anniversary as an organization, completing its headquarters move from Arlington, Va., to Fort Meade, Md., and ended the year with Air Force Maj. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins succeeding Army Lt. Gen. Carroll Pollett as its director.