Major cybersecurity trend of 2011: Actually solving the problem

Alan Paller, director of research, SANS Institute

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 3:23 pm

One of the few budget lines expected to grow in 2012 is cybersecurity.

Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute. He joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the major cybersecurity trends that took place in 2011 and what’s on the horizon for 2012.

Paller said one of the most important cybersecurity stories of 2011 was the response by the Australian government to cyber attack. The Australian officials actually set out to fix the security issues not just “admire the problem,” Paller said.

He also said one of the most “emphatic” changes will be a shift toward actually solving cybersecurity problem as opposed to simply writing about them. Going forward, “the only people who will call themselves security people are the ones who can fix it,” he said.