Air Force probes substance abuse by cadets

The Air Force is investigating about 15 cadets for using “intoxicating substances” at the Air Force Academy.

The Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould issued an order in April 2010 that prohibited drug use, applying to all Academy cadets, cadet candidates and military members attached to the Academy, according the Air Force website.

The exceptions to the order are alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or “legally-used” prescription medication.

The Air Force has a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to intoxicating substances, Gould said on the website.


“The abuse of these products by military members, cadets or cadet candidates contradicts the nature of the profession of arms, threatens our military readiness, and impairs our responsibilities to the Air Force and our nation, and we will not stand for this behavior, ever,” he said.

The probe follows investigations by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations in late 2011. Cadets found guilty of violating the order could be forced out of the service.