A.T. Kearney’s Randy Garber on managing defense cuts

Randy Garber, a partner in management-consulting firm, A.T. Kearney, joined Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss the five principles of restructuring defense spending.

From Garber’s official bio:

Randy has 36 years of industry and management consulting experience in conducting and directing client engagements in operations, supply chain management, and organizational effectiveness. In particular, he helps clients in cost reduction and profitability improvements. Most recently, he has worked with Air Force and Navy clients on various acquisition issues, including cost analysis in support of proposal development, evaluations and negotiations, business case analysis, and should-cost reviews.


Garber addressed the issue of the Pentagon’s budget in an op-ed for The Hill newspaper in November, as the congressional supercommittee was considering way to cut the deficit.

And with the official 2013 budget request being unveiled by the White House this week, Garber shared his five principles for cutting the defense budget “without harming national security.”