Navy offers early retirements for some sailors

The Navy has announced it plans to offer early retirements to some sailors, following a panel’s decision last year that targeted nearly 3,000 sailors for separation.

The Navy’s temporary early retirement authority will only apply to sailors with 15 years of service, who were not selected for retention by the 2012 Enlistment Retention Board, according to a Navy administrative message laying out official guidance about the early retirements.

The board was implemented last year as part of a series of measures to rebalance the Navy workforce. Record retention rates and overall low attrition had left the Navy “overmanned,” in certain positions, according to a release from the Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs. “The purpose was to help the Navy rebalance the force in terms of seniority, experience and skills,” the release stated.

The panel announced in December a total of 2,947 sailors had not been selected for retention.


The latest Navy guidance cited the temporary early retirement authority, which was granted in the 2012 Defense Authorization Act, as “part of a comprehensive force management strategy to shape the force.”

To be eligible, sailors must have been considered, but not selected for retention by the ERB and have completed 15 years of service by September 2012. Sailors must apply for the early retirement and the Navy said it also plans to contact all eligible sailors.

Earlier this month, the Navy said it was examining the option of early retirements for sailors who were not selected for retention.


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