Analysis: Doctrine of ‘Internet Power’ key to dominance in cyber domain

Ronald Marks, senior fellow, George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 6:06 pm

There’s plenty of talk about the role of the United States in cyber space. But what’s lacking, one expert argues, is a defining doctrine.

Ronald Marks, a senior fellow at George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute and a veteran of the CIA, said doctrine is one of the “defining principles” of an actual policy. “And by doctrine, I mean the definition of what we are doing in a given area and why,” Marks wrote in a post on the U.S. role in cyber space on Security Debrief.

“What we lack right now in cyber space is a doctrine from which comprehensive and sensible tactics and strategies can flow,” Marks added.

The solution, Marks wrote, is what he called “Internet Power,” which he described as “maintaining the peaceful and positive use of cyber space.”


Marks joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the doctrine.


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