NIST updates Smart Grid security framework

Marianne Swanson, senior adviser for information security, NIST

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 6:12 pm

Upgrading the country’s electrical infrastructure to a modern “Smart Grid” is a pressing cybersecurity issue, many experts argue.

It’s also the goal of a new publication from the National Institute of Standards and Technology setting out a finalized framework for a revamped power grid as well as its interoperability standards.

The updated version of the framework comes after NIST finished reviewing more than 240 comments

Marianne Swanson, a senior adviser for information security at NIST, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the finalized framework.


The updated guidance includes

  • More information on the role of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
  • An “expanded view” of the Smart Grid architecture
  • Provisions relating to Smart Grid cybersecurity
  • Provisions on coordinating U.S. Smart grid efforts with similar projects around the world


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