March TSP returns continue 2012 climb

Thrift Savings Plan figures continued to climb in the early months of 2012, as nearly all funds posted positive numbers for the month of March and for the year. Only the F Fund dipped into the negative at the end of the month.

The 12-month figures continued in an upward trend, as well, with only the I Fund posting a negative number for that period.

The L 2010 Fund was retired at the end of 2010. To view L 2010 monthly returns for Aug. 1, 2005-Dec. 31, 2010, go to the Retired Funds page.

To view share price performance for Feb. 21-April 2, 2012, visit the Share Price History page.

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Some financial institutions will be closed Friday, April 6, in observance of the Easter holiday. TSP will not update share prices on that day. Transactions that would normally be processed on Friday night, April 6, will be processed on Monday night, April 9. Those transactions will be processed at the April 9’s closing share prices.

Thrift Savings Plan March 2012 returns

Thrift Savings Plan March Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.14% 0.39% 2.11%
F Fund -0.61% 0.32% 7.75%
C Fund 3.30% 12.63% 8.60%
S Fund 2.30% 14.45% 2.40%
I Fund 0.13% 10.91% -5.45%
L Income 0.54% 2.72% 3.24%
L 2020 1.23% 6.93% 3.74%
L 2030 1.49% 8.58% 3.92%
L 2040 1.68% 9.85% 3.95%
L 2050 1.86% 11.08% 3.62%