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Today’s guests:

Andrew BorgResearch Director, Mobility Center of Excellence, Aberdeen Group


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have been touted as the savior of federal agencies in the budget crunch. But business researchers at Aberdeen Group recently found that BYOD can cost on average $170,000 more per year when not done carefully. Andrew Borg, research director at Aberdeen’s Mobility Center of Excellence, talks to In Depth about the hidden costs of BYOD.

Daniel GoureVice President, Lexington Institute

The Pentagon has started a new acquisition strategy called “should cost.” But Daniel Goure from the Lexington Institute says that’s something of a misnomer — “must cost less” would be more apt. He talks to In Depth about what the strategy really is and what challenges it will face.

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Judy MurphyDeputy National Coordinator for Programs and Policy, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, Department of Health and Human Services

“Big data” is the latest term to get big play in government circles. But some agencies are already moving on managing their massive data sets more efficiently. Judy Murphy from the Department of Health and Human Services tells us about the health-care industry’s challenges and opportunities in big data.

Tim DinapoliActing Director, Acquisition and Sourcing Management Team, Government Accountability Office

The Defense Department is supposed to inventory its service contractors annually — Congress made that a law. But the Pentagon is having trouble doing it accurately, and, in some parts of the agency, doing it at all. Tim Dinapoli is acting director of the Government Accountability Office’s Acquisition and Sourcing Management Team, which recently published a report on the subject. He tells In Depth about the report’s findings and recommendations.

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Also on the show:

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