Siemens Enterprise Communications’ Chris Hummel on mobility challenges

Chris Hummel, the president of Siemens Enterprise Communications North America and the global chief marketing officer, sat down with Francis Rose on Industry Chatter to discuss some trends in mobile technology and mobility at federal agencies.

Siemens Enterprise Communications helps agencies build up their communications infrastructure, and the mobility push has quickened the pace at many agencies.

Hummel said one of the “most active” conversations about mobility deals with the bring-your-own-device phenomenon.

“The struggle really comes because you’ve got this tension between what the individual, let’s say an employee of a department or federal agency, what they want to do versus the needs of the CIO of that particular department: How do I maintain control over where that data goes.”


From Hummel’s official bio:

Chris Hummel joined Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) in April 2010 and currently serves as the President of North America, the head of Global Sales, and the global Chief Marketing Officer.

In his North America role, he is responsible for sales, service and delivery to our extensive customer base in the North American region. He also leads SEN’s global accounts effort across all regions of the globe and drives the successful partnerships of our global alliances and global indirect divisions. As CMO, he oversees all global marketing activities across the company and supports the development of corporate and go-to-market strategies. He reports directly to Hamid Akhavan, the CEO.