In Depth interviews – May 23

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Today’s guests:

Martha Murphy — National Archives and Records Administration


The avalanche of data your agency produces may be filled with information that should be kept secret. But what happens when the data become part of the historical record?

Martha Murphy, with the National Archives and Records Administration, is one of the people responsible for handling records after agencies ship them off to NARA.

She discussed how agencies balance private information with the need for public records.

Jason HealyDirector of Cyber Statecraft Initiative, The Atlantic Council

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is controversial for several reasons. But the Defense Department may be making part of the bill unnecessary, without even trying, according to an article on CSO Online.

That’s because DoD announced earlier this month a voluntary cybersecurity information-sharing pilot program which many defense contractors could participate in.

Jason Healey, director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council, discusses whether DoD’s voluntary program negates the need for congressional action.

This story is part of Federal News Radio’s daily Cybersecurity Update. For more cybersecurity news, click here.

Also on the show:

Pentagon Solutions: Lt. Gen. George Flynn on Joint Force Development
Lt. Gen. George J. Flyn, the Joint Staff’s director of Joint Force Development, delivered the keynote address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ conference “Challenges to Access and the U.S. Response: The Joint Operational Access Concept.”

OMB unveils ambitious digital, mobile strategy
In its Digital Management Strategy released today, the administration set 29 different goals for agencies with deadlines for each over the next 12 months, including the creation of a FedRAMP for mobile effort and a new innovation center run by the General Services Administration.

Treasury’s FMS proving shared services works
The Treasury Department’s Financial Management Service will have no trouble moving commodity technology to a shared service provider as required by the Office of Management and Budget.

First quarter mixed for top defense contractors
Three of the top five U.S. defense vendors – Northrop Grumman Corp., General Dynamics Corp. and Raytheon Co. – had lower sales in the first quarter of 2012, a trend that may continue as the Pentagon cuts its budget.

Buying commercial in DoD: 15 years after acquisition reform
“It’s time for the federal government to start running more like a business,” Rep. William Clinger (R-Penn.) bellowed from the well of the House of Representatives in 1995. The government contracting process was so arcane, so riddled with nonsensical complexities that few firms which operated in the day-to-day economy were willing to take the time to participate, said Clinger, the House Oversight chairman who went on to pass one of several procurement reform measures in the 1990s.