GCE’s Marianne Lucas on big data, tech trends

GCE, which brands itself as the “cloud company,” has partnered with a number of federal agencies, such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration, and has develop a federal financial management cloud that leverages a services model.

Marianne Lucas, the vice president of business development and marketing at GCE, discusses the latest government trends, including big data and what’s next for cloud computing.

From Lucas’ official bio:

Marianne Lucas, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, directs large projects and large teams to successful outcomes – with the ability to navigate seamlessly throughout an organization, from the most senior executives to the front-line users of the system. She has extensive professional experience working in the fields of marketing, sales, outreach, client relations, and project management.


Prior to joining GCE, Ms. Lucas headed a technology marketing and consulting company for 9 years working with fortune 50 technology companies. She successfully assisted these top firms in garnering new business opportunities and in driving revenue opportunities.

Ms. Lucas holds duel Master of Science degrees in Information Science from the University of Texas and Political Science from Texas State University. She received her BS in Political Science from Drexel University, PA.