Is it always a good time time to sell to Uncle Sam?

The landscape of the government contracting world is changing faster than ever. Understanding what’s happening now will help you understand what may be coming in the months and years ahead.

Phil Kiviat, with Guerra Kiviat, a federal sales consulting firm, discusses if there’s a good or bad time to sell to the government.

“I think it’s always a good time to sell to the government,” Kiviat said, even in a budget crunch.

“It’s a question of do you have $80 billion to deal with or $75 billion? For most companies, those are both very large numbers,” he said.


“I think the government is a very, very good customer,” Kiviat added. “And the thing is not how much money do they have to spend (but) how do you maximize the chances of winning those things you go after. And that’s the issue.”


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