In Depth interviews – July 13

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Today’s Guests

Tammy FlanaganSenior Benefits Director, National Institute of Transition Planning

With so many federal agencies offering incentives for workers to take early retirement, feds have a lot of questions to ask themselves. Do I really want to leave my job? How much will I earn in retirement pay? Can I afford to retire? And maybe most importantly, do I even qualify?


Julie MintzPlanning Integration Branch Chief, DISA’s cross- functional solutions center

The Defense Department released its strategy for moving to cloud computing this week. We have a link to the full document on our website at federal news radio dot com. One DoD component playing a prominent role in the execution of the strategy will be the Defense Information Systems Agency. DISA will act as the cloud “broker” for the entire department, coordinating the delivery of both government- provided and commercial cloud services.

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New strategy establishes DoD-wide enterprise cloud environment

Dr. Sandro Galea Columbia University

A Congressionally-mandated report out today finds the Defense Department and the Veterans Affairs Department have gone a long way toward developing programs to treat the invisible wounds of war — particularly post traumatic stress disorder. But those programs aren’t reaching all the servicemembers that need them. As many as 1 in 5 military members who served in Iraq or Afghanistan may have PTSD, but relatively few actually get treated for it because of several barriers identified by the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences. Sandro Galea is the chair of the epidemiology department at Columbia University’s school of public health and chaired the committee that wrote the report.