In Depth interviews – August 9

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Today’s guests:

Timothy O’MalleyExecutive Vice President of the National Association of Letter Carriers


The Postal Service revealed Thursday a quarterly loss of $5.2 billion. The news comes just one week after the Postal Service failed to pre-pay the Treasury for future retiree health benefits. Congress required the agency to implement the pre-payment system in 2006. One of the unions, the National Association of Letter Carriers, says the pay-ahead system is one of the major contributing factors to the financial woes of the Postal Service and should be re-examined. Timothy O’Malley is the Executive Vice President of the union and he says those payments should halt or they will destroy the Postal Service.

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Greg KeeleyVice President of Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Policy, TechAmerica

TechAmerica will tomorrow release a survey of its member contractors that found security clearance reciprocity with federal agencies remains a major headache for contractors. Greg Keeley gives an exclusive preview of the survey’s finding to Francis Rose including that the worst offender was the Department of Homeland Security. The survey results were clear: Federal agencies are not adhering to existing clearance reciprocity laws, resulting in massive inefficiencies in time, effort and money.

Read through the full survey results here.

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