In Depth interviews – September 4

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Today’s guests:

Tom ShoopEditor-in-Chief, Government Executive


When it comes to cutting the federal workforce during the presidential race, the two strategies in play right now are simple: Talk about it or don’t. Those two approaches getting heavy play in the presidential campaigns, and it depends on who you ask if you’ll get one or the other.

Tom Shoop, the editor-in-chief of Government Executive, has been writing about the intersection of the federal workforce and the presidential campaign.

Dem. platform says Obama will continue ‘remaking’ government (related story)

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Frank RuscoDirector of Natural Resources and Environment Issues, GAO

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, the Interior Department has been reorganizing how it monitors offshore oil and gas activities. But even now that the agency has completed that effort, some say there’s still room for improvement.

Frank Rusco, the director of Natural Resources and Environment Issues at the Government Accountability Office, joins In Depth to discuss GAO’s recent report on Interior’s reorganization.

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