In Depth interviews – October 3

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Today’s guests:

Nick TaborekReporter, Bloomberg Government


A massive contract awarded to Lockheed Martin in June to manage the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Global Information Grid remains in place after the Government Accountability Office denied a bid protest from fellow contractor SAIC.

Nick Taborek, a Bloomberg Government reporter, joins In Depth to discuss GAO’s decision and whether there are any further implications stemming from it.

BGov: SAIC Loses Protest of $4.6 Billion Contract Awarded to Lockheed (requires subscription)

Stan SolowayPresident and CEO Professional Services Council

The Defense Department’s moving to the next stage of it’s better buying initiative — Better Buying Power 2.0, and the Professional Services Council has three recommendations for Undersecretary of Defense Frank Kendall.

Stan Soloway, the president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, joins In Depth to discuss the group’s recommendations.

Peeking inside DoD’s next version of Better Buying Power (related story)

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