Federal News Countdown: How Election 2012 affects feds

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:
Stan Soloway, President and CEO, Professional Services Council
Mark Forman, Co-founder, Government Transaction Services and former administrator of the Office of E-Government and IT in the Office of Management and Budget

Stan Soloway’s stories
#3 Four more years: Obama’s reelection impact on federal IT
From FedScoop:

“With President Barack Obama regaining the White House, there is a distinct direction in the way the government thinks about the use of technology, and Tuesday’s results will have long-ranging effects on the federal information technology community.”

#2 Obama’s victory gives management reformers breathing room
From GovExec:


“After President Obama comes down from his reelection high and catches up on sleep, he will be plunged into the Washington-wide effort to avert the long-dreaded fiscal cliff. But if his team and the lame-duck Congress can come together on a deal that beats the end-of-year deadlines to head off mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts, he may find that his first-term agency management agenda has new life.”

#1 Savvy strategy, not mandate, key for Obama on fiscal cliff
From GovExec:

“Washington is abuzz with speculation about who emerged from Tuesday’s election with a mandate and who did not. But as President Obama and House Republicans prepare to square off over the fiscal cliff, persistence and deft negotiating strategies — not mandates — will be the key to any deal and there is no way to avoid big, messy fights along the way.”

Mark Forman’s stories
#3 After Obama win, say goodbye to neocons
From Yahoo! News

“Dan Senor has no more influence in the White House today than he did yesterday.That’s the key foreign policy takeaway from the US reelection of President Barack Obama last night. Mitt Romney had surrounded himself with neocons and other hawkish advisers, eager to regain the influence they lost when John McCain fell to Mr. Obama in 2008. Now, it looks like four more years in the wilderness for them.”

#2 Feds should expect minor tweaks in Obama’s second term
From Federal News Radio:

“Federal employees can expect only limited changes to the management of their agencies with the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. Agencies will continue to focus on high-priority, mission-centric goals. They should expect initiatives such as strategic sourcing, cloud computing and reform to the federal hiring process to march down a similar path as they have over the last four years.”

#1 Vote Data Show Changing Nation
From The Wall Street Journal:

“President Barack Obama’s election victory exposed tectonic demographic shifts in American society that are reordering the U.S. political landscape. The 2012 presidential election likely will be remembered as marking the end of long-standing coalitions, as voters regroup in cultural, ethnic and economic patterns that challenge both parties-but especially Republicans.”