In Depth interviews – November 15

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Today’s guests:

Mike SwetnamCEO, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies


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Cybersecurity legislation in Congress is dead for now. The next step is likely an executive order from the White House on cybersecurity.

Mike Swetnam, CEO of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, joins In Depth to discuss what’s next for cybersecurity reform and whether an executive order would meet the needs for protecting critical infrastructure.

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Bill FrenzelGuest Scholar, Brookings Institution

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President Obama and Congress say they want to work out a deal on sequestration and the fiscal cliff. But we’re still waiting to see what the framework of the negotiations will look like. Former Congressman

Bill Frenzel is a guest scholar in economic studies at the Brookings Institution and the former ranking member of the House Budget Committee. He joins In Depth to share the inside story of what’s probably going on at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

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Alan PallerDirector of Research, SANS Institute

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The final nails appear to be in the coffin of comprehensive cybersecurity legislation after the Senate was unable to muster up the 60 votes needed to bring cloture to the bill.

But Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute, says even if the bill would have passed, it wouldn’t have helped much.

Senate cyber bill is ‘dead’ (related story)

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Tom DevineLegal Director, Government Accountability Project

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President Barack Obama’s signature is the last thing a whistleblower protection bill needs to become law, completing an arduous 13-year process.

Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project, joins In Depth to discuss some of the specific protections afforded by the bill.

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Andrew KrepinevichPresident, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

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Budget and strategy are the two ends of the giant barbell the Pentagon is trying to balance.

Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, wrote a commentary on that topic in Foreign Affairs Magazine, arguing that the two are very tightly linked together.

Strategy in a Time of Austerity: Why the Pentagon Should Focus on Assuring Access

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