In Depth interviews – November 20

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Today’s guests:

Tom ShoopEditor-in-Chief, Government Executive


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Some federal agencies are moving toward new leadership faster than others — the CIA being one of them.

Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief of Government Executive, joins In Depth to discuss federal lines of succession and why career federal employees so rarely take the star turn.

It’s Time for Some Experienced Leadership (related link)

Paul RosenzweigVisiting Fellow, Heritage Foundation

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An executive order on cybersecurity is already taking shape. But it may cause some unintended consequences, and some observers don’t even like the intended consequences.

Paul Rosenzweig, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, joins In Depth to discuss why the executive order could actually help the government bend the rules on industry regulation.

Obama’s Cyber Executive Order: More Government Control of the Network (related link)

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Barry BlechmanCo-founder and Distinguished Fellow, Stimson Center

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Focusing on air, sea and space could offer military dominance at an affordable price. Barry Blechman, co-founder and a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center, sat down with 15 former military officers, defense strategists and international-affairs experts to figure out a new defense strategy for the future.

Blechman joins In Depth to discuss the group’s recommendations.

A New US Defense Strategy for a New Era (link to the report)

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Larry AllenPresident, Allen Federal Business Partners

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Bid protests nearly hit a 15 year high in fiscal 2012 — nearly 2,500 cases. But new figures reveal something strange in how cases are handled.

The Government Accountability Office issued decisions in just 570 of the total protests filed.

Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, joins In Depth to discuss what those numbers mean.

Bid protests increase in 2012, nearing 15-year high (related story)

Allen’s “The Week Ahead” newsletter

Rob BurtonPartner, Venable Law Firm

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Better Buying Power 2.0 is out. The Pentagon is presenting it as the next step in acquisition management at the Defense Department.

Rob Burton, a partner at the Venable law firm and former acting administrator and deputy administrator at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, joins In Depth to provide an industry perspective on the revamp.

Matthew DevostPresident and CEO, FusionX

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The very latest innovations and challenges on the cyber front were the focus of the Cyber Security Summit hosted by Fed

Matthew Devost, president and CEO at FusionX, joins In Depth to recap the conferece.

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