In Depth interviews – December 21

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Today’s guests:

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Steve O’Keeffe

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The most social Chief Information Officers in government have a reason for getting engaged and they’re doing it in a number of different ways including connecting with each other and with other government leaders.

4 execs who developed, owned and managed the popular OASIS multiple award contract shuffled to other program.

Tim McManus
Vice President for Education and Outreach
Partnership for Public Service

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As the holidays approach and 2013 is right around the corner, experts from across government are giving us their three most important ideas for the coming year.

Adam Miles
Policy Director
Office of Special Counsel

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One of the oldest pieces of federal employee legislation in government could receive a facelift. There are some changes expected for the Hatch Act.

Also on the show:

Concerns Over Acquisition Prove To Be Long Lived

Data Analytics Spending to Increase

OMB delaying budget passback guidance, creating uncertainty

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