Industry Chatter: Citrix Systems’ Tom Simmons on workplace virtualization

Tom Simmons, area vice president for the U.S. Public Sector for Citrix Systems, joined Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to workplace virtualization and cloud solutions.

Simmons said agencies still need to be educated about all of the cloud options and capabilities available.

“Cloud services is still different things to different people, depending on what you want to do,” he said. “And, realistically, that’s probably not going to change. That’s the beauty of cloud is it can be what you need it to be.”

From Simmons’ official bio:

Tom Simmons is the area vice president, U.S. Public Sector, for Citrix Systems, Inc. He has more than 25 years of information technology management experience, with a core emphasis on the public sector market. Simmons is an advocate for virtual computing, data center consolidation, cloud computing, and mobility in the Federal government and Department of Defense. In touch with these progressive new computing and networking models, Tom never loses sight of agencies’ unique security requirements. With 25 years of experience managing distributed teams and a good deal of experience teleworking himself, Simmons does more than talk the talk on telework. This first-hand knowledge makes him committed to providing secure and user-friendly telework solutions to government agencies.

Solving government customers’ problems and measuring customers’ results has helped Simmons to drive Citrix’s year-over-year growth and relevance in this market – including winning the Solution Provider Award of Excellence for “Best Government Technology Provider” at the Gartner Government Solution Summit.

Prior to joining Citrix, Simmons served in senior public sector management positions with companies such as Compaq, Trend Micro, and MicroWarehouse.