In Depth interviews – Jan. 14

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Today’s guests:


Steve Kelman
Weatherhead Professor of Public Management
Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

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Innovation comes from unlikely places, and it can save your agency money in unexpected ways. Steve Kelman, professor of public management at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, joins In Depth to discuss some of the possibilities.

Innovation at a 95-percent discount (related link)

Dov Szego
Centre Law Group

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Paying small businesses faster may be changing from just a “good idea” to regulation. And you have a chance to comment. Dov Szego, an attorney at the Centre Law Group, joins In Depth to discuss the Prompt Payment Act.

If You Like Getting Paid, Consider Submitting a Comment (related link)

Bob Tobias
Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs
American University

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It’s hard to help the 3 to 5 percent of the workforce classified as poor performers. But if resources are scarce, the most productive solution might be to direct the assistance elsewhere. Bob Tobias, director of the Key Executive of Leadership Programs at American University, joins In Depth to discuss how the government deals with poor performers.

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Nina Olson
National Taxpayer Advocate

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The complexity of the tax code is tough on taxpayers. But it makes the job of collecting taxes tough too. So making the tax code easier for citizens would also make it easier for the Internal Revenue Service. Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, joins In Depth to discuss the tax reforms included in the advocate’s annual report.

Andrew Sherrill
Director of Education, Workforce and Income Security Issues
Government Accountability Office

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Two different agencies share six federal programs to help veterans find jobs when they transition back to the civilian population. Having more programs may be helping more people, but it also increases the risk of overlapping work and duplication, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. GAO’s Andrew Sherrill joins In Depth to discuss recommendations for improvement.

Also on the show:

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