In Depth interviews – Jan. 24

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Today’s guests:


Col. Kevin Felix
Chief, Future Warfare Division
U.S. Army

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Warfighting in the future will look different than it does today. The Army is preparing for that future with Unified Quest 2013, a study plan to examine possible challenges to the future force. As part of the study, the Army will hold the Campaign of Learning Joint Winter Wargame Feb. 9-14. Col. Kevin Felix, the chief of the Army’s Future Warfare Division, joins In Depth to discuss what Army leaders hope to glean from the war game’s outcome.

Ken Herbert
Imperial Capital LLC

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Earnings season for the defense contracting community is here. As the numbers come in, the market will define how badly investors fear Congress’ actions on the budget. Ken Herbert, a market analyst at Imperial Capital LLC, joins In Depth to crunch the numbers.

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Denise O’Donnell
Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance
Justice Department

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Information sharing in government isn’t just a challenge for the intelligence community. The Justice Department is reaching out to industry this week to look for the latest solutions in information sharing. Denise O’Donnell, director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the Justice Department, will present at the IJIS Institute’s Winter 2013 Industry Briefing.

Gadi Ben-Yehuda
Director of Innovation and Social Media
IBM Center for the Business of government

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Your agency can now use Pinterest to promote your mission and connect with citizens. Gadi Ben-Yehuda, director of Innovation and Social Media for the IBM Center for the Business of Government, wrote about how agencies can most effectively use the site.

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Also on the show:

In Depth brings you the latest cybersecurity and defense news. Below, find links to the stories mentioned.

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