Federal News Countdown: Budget battle, cyber spending and furlough worries

Bob Suda’s stories
#3 Big data’s big hurdle: federal policy
From FCW:

Big data has all the promise in the world to help agencies glean otherwise impossible insights from massive repositories of data, but some believe federal policies thus far have blunted big data’s potential in the public sector.

#2 Agencies struggle with cybersecurity despite increased spending
From Federal Times:

Federal agencies are struggling to secure their information systems despite shelling out $14.6 billion on cybersecurity in fiscal 2012, according to an annual report released Monday.


#1 Senate CR would cancel federal raise
From FCW:

The Senate has released legislation that would avert a March 27 shutdown and fund the government through September. Unfortunately for federal employees, the bill also keeps wages frozen for the rest of 2013.

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#3Senate Democrats’ Budget Balances Spending Cuts, Revenue Hikes
From GovExec Senate Democrats released a fiscal 2014 budget on Wednesday that matches spending cuts with revenue hikes of equal value and protects federal workers’ pay levels and retirement benefits.

#2 Agencies suffering reductions in services even before furloughs occur
From Federal News Radio:

Sequestration-related furloughs may still be at least a month away, but agencies already are feeling the effects of budget cuts. Border Patrol agents, Transportation Security officers and many other federal employees are beginning to experience major changes in how they do their jobs.

#1 Cabinet’s quandary: Explaining sequester cuts
From BNA:

President Barack Obama and his Cabinet got burned last month for overhyping the effects of $85 billion in spending cuts. Now federal agencies are grappling with a double-barreled problem: How to make those cuts real and then explain what they mean to a public that didn’t buy in to the hysteria the first time.