Federal News Countdown: PortfolioStat revamp, new cyber threats

Karen Evans, former administrator of the Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology and the national director of U.S. Cyber Command, helps “In Depth” host Francis Rose count down the top federal news stories of the week.

Karen Evans’ stories
#4 Fed IT Funds Circle Drain Due to Poor Procurement Policies
From E-Commerce Times:

It may seem like a simple thing to fix — if the U.S. government wants more vendors to compete for contracts, just ask more companies to take part. However, those looking to reform the procurement process are running into snags that favor the status quo, and a new survey shows just how much money is wasted. A greater emphasis on open standards and boosting the role of CIOs are two possible solutions now being studied.

#3 VanRoekel Revamps IT Portfolio Review Process
From Federal Times:


The White House is revamping its initiative to streamline how federal agencies buy information technology. The PortfolioStat program so far has saved the government roughly $300 million since it was launched one year ago this month, federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel told Nextgov in an interview Wednesday.

#2 U.S. Writes Its Worries About Buying IT Gear From China Into Law
From All Things D:

The U.S. government officially remains concerned about the possibility of cyber attacks from China. And it has quietly imposed new restrictions on the information technology gear that certain branches of the government buy.

#1 Risk assessment and automated monitoring are keys to federal cybersecurity, report says
From FierceGovernmentIT:

Agencies must establish a unique baseline threat assessment and automate monitoring to ensure good cybersecurity, says a SafeGov report (.pdf) released Tuesday. SafeGov developed two programs to automate monitoring programs and establish a threat baseline.