Woytek: SEWP 5 will provide ‘full-service data’ at NASA

Joann Woytek, program manager, NASA SEWP

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 4:48 pm

NASA’s next generation of governmentwide acquisition contracts is getting closer to becoming operational. The Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement 5 (SEWP 5) contract will take on a number of challenges.

“There are two areas in particular that we’re focusing in on, not so much technology, but how the contracts operate,” said Joanne Woytek, NASA’s SEWP program manager. “One very key one is supply chain risk management. I’m a very large part of that in terms of trying to keep up with what’s going on.”

She told In Depth with Francis Rose Monday that with SEWP 5, it will be easier to pull out details from the contract.

“Can industry give us reports?” she said. “The answer is they don’t have to with SEWP 5. We’ll actually be able to give any report on anything to [the Office of Management and Budget] and agencies about their usage. So, we’ll be sort of a full service data center for them.”