Federal News Countdown: Furloughs fizzle, spectrum search, GS update

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:
– Dan Mintz, principal, ESEM Consulting
– Ron Sanders, vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dan Mintz’s stories
#3 Google Says Government Content Removal Requests Rise 26%
From Bloomberg:

Google Inc. said requests to remove content climbed 26 percent during the second half of 2012 as governments tried to clamp down on videos, search results and other information online.

#2 DOD issues directive to define CIO role
From FCW:


The vast majority of the federal cybersecurity workforce is older than 40, an issue that could eventually lead to a personnel shortage in the field, according to a new report.

#1 The search for more spectrum
From FCW:

If President Barack Obama’s goal of repurposing 500 MHz of spectrum for commercial broadband use is to have any chance of success, some of that spectrum must come from the federal government.

Ron Sanders’ stories
#3Congress repeals STOCK Act reporting requirements for senior execs
From Federal News Radio:

Congress approved a bill Friday to eliminate expanded financial-disclosure reporting requirements for Senior Executive Service members, just days before the new requirements were to go into effect.

#2 Does GS system need an update? Lawmakers ask GAO to review federal pay scale
From Federal News Radio:

A trio of lawmakers from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee want the Government Accountability Office to examine whether the General Schedule system for federal employees needs an update.

#1 Threat of sequester furloughs diminishing or gone for some agencies
From The Washington Post:

The threat of furloughs has disappeared or diminished for several agencies since the government-wide spending cuts kicked in last month. The Justice Department said Wednesday that it wouldn’t place employees on unpaid leave, and two senators proposed bipartisan legislation to stop the controversial air-traffic controller furloughs that started Monday.