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Executive Suite
Tuesdays at 3 p.m.

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Simon Szykman, chief information officer of the Commerce Department, joins In Depth for a deep-dive discussion.

Szykman discusses:

  • Cloud computing security and how FedRAMP has eased those concerns
  • How the IT community is applying the administration’s acquisition initiatives, such as strategic sourcing and shared services, to the application side
  • The importance of cultural leadership, change management and gaining stakeholder buy-in in IT transformation efforts

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Penn.)
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

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Some 47,000 Federal Aviation Administration employees are starting to see furloughs this week, including 15,000 air traffic controllers. But they shouldn’t be on furlough, according to Rep. Bill Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He says the agency and the administration have more options than they think.

Shuster Statement on Administration’s FAA Furlough Plans (related link)

Tom Shoop
Government Executive magazine

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Getting information about government right is easier when you understand what you’re covering. A lack of understanding of government was evident during the Boston bombing coverage last week, with one notable exception — NBC Correspondent Pete Williams. Before joining NBC, Williams served as the spokesman for the Defense Department. Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief of Government Executive, says Williams’ previous government experience helped in his reporting.

Pete Williams, Government Operations and Getting it Right (related link)

Kim Weaver
Director of External Affairs
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

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Some groups are worried about your colleagues that may find times are tight if furloughs hit. Loans were on the docket at the Thrift Savings Plans monthly board meeting yesterday. Kim Weaver, the director of external affairs for the TSP, explains why the board decided not to go ahead with expanded TSP loan options.

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Andrew Krepinevich
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

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The Pentagon is laying the groundwork for the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review. Defense Department officials deciding how to integrate strategy approaches they’re already using — with new strategies for new challenges. One of the holdovers is Air Sea Battle. Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and an expert on Air Sea Battle, says it’s an important part of what the administration says its priorities are.

Alex Bastani
AFGE Local 12

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The sequestration showdown between federal unions and the Labor Department hits a standstill. A memorandum of understanding is in place for the duration of the sequester. Alex Bastani, president of American Federation of Government Employees Local 12, joins In Depth to discuss the negotiations.

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