In Depth Show Blog – June 5, 2013

This is the In Depth show blog. Here you can listen to our interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day, as well as links to other stories and resources we discuss. b>Jared Serbu, Federal News Radio’s defense reporter, is filling in for Francis Rose today.

Today’s guests:


Robert Atkinson
Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

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As the U.S. Postal Service struggles through quarter after quarter of red ink, there’s no shortage of proposals to reform the system — ranging from a government bailout on one end of the ideological spectrum to a full privatization on the other. This week, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation is out with its own reform suggestion. The tech policy think tank says USPS should continue doing last-mile, door-to-door delivery, but the rest of the mail distribution network should be opened up to competition. Robert Atkinson, ITIF’s president and the lead author of the recent paper on the subject, joins In Depth with his take on the issue.

Dr. Timothy McCoy
Director of the Electric Ship’s Office
U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Office

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As technology and military equipment continue to evolve the Defense Department has to periodically reassess what works and what doesn’t. The Navy just finished its diagnosis of its electrical systems — and on the shipboard energy front, where it needs to head next, and how to align its budgets accordingly. That’s all wrapped up in the new Naval Power Systems Technology Development Roadmap. Dr. Timothy McCoy, director of the Electric Ship’s Office in the Program Executive Office for Ships at the Navy, joins In Depth with more.

Mike Swetnam
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

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This Friday President Obama starts a two day summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping. They’ll cover a lot of ground, the White House says, but cybersecurity is among the issues sure to be front and center. According to the Washington Post, a classified Defense Science Board report recently found Chinese hacker exfiltrated the plans for some 40 U.S. weapons systems. Both China and the Defense Department downplayed the report for different reasons. But the two presidents still have a lot to discuss about the cyber frontier. Mike Swetnam, chairman of the board and CEO of the Potomac Institute, joins In Depth to discuss what should be on the table in the upcoming meeting.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general is willing and ready to take a deep examination dive into the agency’s $2 billion dollar revolving fund. The problem is the IG can’t afford to do the work. Patrick McFarland made his case to House lawmakers today to take a small percentage of that revolving fund to pay for increased oversight. Federal News Radio’s executive editor Jason Miller joins In Depth with details on the IG’s financial challenges.

OPM’s Revolving Fund: A Cycle of Government Waste?

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