Next Generation of Government Training Summit

How are you training your future leaders? The Next Generation of Government Training Summit, July 25-26 in Washington, DC, is your answer – it educates, inspires and promotes innovation for rising government leaders.

This training summit is unique; it is created by Gen X/Y government leaders and tailored specifically for rising leaders. The NextGen board consists of Senior Executive Service and Federal Executive Board leaders to deliver workshops and keynote address’s that will teach valuable lessons every emerging government leader needs to know to further enhance their agencies and career.

The NextGen course schedule is carefully constructed to provide training that employees need and strictly abide by the Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). This training offers 13 CPE’s that count toward the required PMF and Pathways annual 80 hour training requirement. Employees can learn:

  • how to “Be the Change: a How-To Guide”;
  • lead their fellow employees by enhancing their “Agile Project Management” skills;
  • become more results driven through the “Analytics and Decision Making” session;
  • hone their business acumen by learning a few “HR Tips and Tricks”; and
  • build coalitions through “Cross Gov Collaboration – Lessons from Superstorm Sandy”.

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