Federal News Countdown: Cuts for Pentagon brass, NSA’s ‘collect it all’ passion

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • Frank Reeder, director of the Center for Internet Security at the National Academy of Public Administration
  • Jeff Koch, former Office of Management and Budget official and Hill staff member

Frank Reeder’s stories

#3 At Commerce Dept., false alarm on cyberattack cost almost $3 million (Washington Post)

#2 For NSA chief, terrorist threat drives passion to ‘collect it all,’ observers say (Washington Post)

Questions about moving to the cloud? Chat with FDA Chief Information Officer Todd Simpson on July 25, at 1:30 p.m.


#1 Hagel orders 20 percent cut in Pentagon top brass, senior civilians (Washington Post)

Jeff Koch’s stories

#3 Lawmakers target government waste and inefficiency in slew of new bills (Federal News Radio)

#2 House again aims to merge E-Gov funding (Federal News Radio)

#1 NIST proposes first federally funded cyber research center (Federal News Radio

House 2018 budget proposal lays groundwork for federal retirement cuts.