In Depth Show Blog – July 16, 2013

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Today’s guests:


Ron Sanders & Jackson Nickerson
“Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders”

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Ron Sanders, vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jackson Nickerson, non resident senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, join Francis Rose to discuss the forthcoming book, “Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders.” Sanders, who is his company’s first Brookings fellow, and Nickerson edited the book.

Margaret Davis
President and CEO
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

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Veterans who serve our country get help from government agencies and non-government organizations. The number of groups that help family members of military people and vets is a bit smaller. One of them is the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. They’re preparing for a ceremony tonight where they’ll award this year’s scholarships. Margaret Davis, foundation president and CEO, says the organization has been helping young people for a long time.

Tom Shoop
Government Executive

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The Defense Department has programs in place to educate military members about financial problems. But some of the biggest financial problems troops have come from the Pentagon’s own pay system. Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief at Government Executive, has been writing about the the Defense Financing and Accounting Service.

Sascha Meinrath
Director, Open Technology Institute
New America Foundation

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The Pentagon is investing big money in unmanned aircraft — drones. Understanding the potential of drones may mean going beyond military applications. Sascha Meinrath, director of the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, talks about the institute’s new Drone-U podcast.

Jeffrey Carr
Taia Global

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Russia and China are two of the biggest cyber actors in the world. Figuring out what their next moves could be would be a huge help for the federal government as it tries to combat threats. Jeffrey Carr is CEO of Taia Global and author of “Inside Cyber Warfare.”

Jessica Zuckerman
Policy Analyst on the Western Hemisphere
Heritage Foundation

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A third of the top leadership positions are vacant at the Department of Homeland Security now that Secretary Janet Napolitano has decided to step down. The agency’s power vacuum could have lasting and dramatic impact on its mission.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The nominee to be the next director of the Office of Personnel Management faced tough questions today about her experience in managing large health-care programs at her confirmation hearing today. Katherine Archuleta survived the mostly hospitable questioning from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, however, and remains on track to be approved by the committee. Federal News Radio’s executive editor Jason Miller joins In Depth details on the nomination hearing and Archuleta’s priorities if she’s confirmed as OPM director.

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