Industry Chatter: Lumeta President and CTO Michael Markulec

Michael Markulec, president and chief technology of Lumeta, joins Industry Chatter hosted by Francis Rose for a deep-dive conversation into top federal technology issues, including continuous monitoring, BYOD and the Internet-of-things trend.

More about Michael Markulec:

Michael has over 20 years of strategic management and operational experience in computer networking and software. Prior to joining Lumeta in 2001, Michael was the COO of, a data network service provider, where he played an instrumental role in that company’s successful acquisition by Eureka Broadband. Michael has also held senior sales and operations positions in AT&T’s data network group, Niehoff of America, Pirelli Cable and served as a Captain in the U.S. Army. Michael holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Norwich University and an MBA from Duke University. In addition, Michael oversees Lumeta’s Research group focusing on advancements in network discovery and mapping, as well as Lumeta’s long-term research project on Internet Mapping.