Federal News Countdown: DoD mandate, CR delays

Two experts in the world of the federal government choose and rank the three news stories from the current week that they think are most important to people who work for the federal government. This discussion gives Federal employees and contractors a chance to hear what their peers are thinking about, talking about and dealing with.

Guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • John Palguta, vice president of policy, Partnership for Public Service
  • Jason Miller, executive editor, Federal News Radio

John Palguta’s stories:

#3 9/12/01: The morning after a real nightmare (Federal News Radio)


#2 Federal hiring declines to six-year low point (The Washington Post)

#1 House Republican leaders delay vote on new budget bill until next week (The Washington Post)

Jason Miller’s stories:

#3 GOP stopgap spending plan to be delayed (Federal News Radio)

#2 Analysis: Cobert must avoid second term pitfalls (Federal News Radio)

#1 Takai mandates entire DoD to migrate to enterprise email (Federal News Radio)