Disqus FAQ

Comments on FederalNewsRadio.com are now being hosted on the Disqus platform. Below find some frequently asked questions about Disqus. FederalNewsRadio.com users will be required to register for an account in order to comment on articles on our site. Alternatively, users can comment using their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

How do I comment using a screen name instead of my real name?

When first creating a Disqus account, you will be prompted to provide your name, email and password. By default, what you type in the “your name” field will be used to identify you when commenting on a Federal News Radio story. If you would like your comments to be associated with a more anonymous name (rather than your first and last name), type your preferred screen name in the “your name” field when signing up for your Disqus account. This can be changed at a later time.

What other cool things does the new commenting system allow me to do?


A lot of things!

  • Federal News Radio is one of many organizations now using the Disqus platform to host comments on our website. From the Disqus dashboard, users can track all of the comments they have made on websites that use the Disqus platform. Users can also “follow” other Disqus users and be alerted when those people make comments.
  • Disqus users can associate their Disqus accounts with their Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts. This can be accomplished via the “Services” tab under “Edit Your Profile.”
  • The Disqus platform allows users to associate an avatar or picture with their profile. This picture appears beside any comments the user makes.
  • Comments can not be blocked or hidden by other users on the Disqus platform. Comments can be flagged, at which point Federal News Radio will determine whether the comment should be removed or if the user should be blocked.