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Joanne Woytek
NASA SEWP Program Manager

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Now the shutdown’s over, it’s time to grind your teeth and get back to work. But “back to work” and “back to normal” are two different things. Joanne Woytek, the NASA SEWP program manager, joins In Depth with more on how she’s handling the transition period from shutdown to open status.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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Lessons learned from a dozen years of speeding up the acquisition process apply now more than ever. The Rapid Equipping Force found a way to speed up the cumbersome acquisition process so it could offer quick answers to battlefield problems in Afghanistan. Colonel Steve Sliwa is the director of the REF. He tells Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu there’s plenty of work for his organization to do after 2014.

Brian Deese
Deputy Director
Office of Management and Budget

Federal agencies are back at work after the budget deal last night. The Office of Management and Budget has details on what’s next for federal agencies and employees. Brian Deese, OMB’s deputy director joins In Depth with more.

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Greg Garcia
Garcia Cyber Partners

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Cyber threats didn’t take any time off during the government shutdown. The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board had to — but now the government’s open again, and it’s time to catch up. Greg Garcia, principal at Garcia Cyber Partners and former assistant secretary for Cyber Security and Communications at the Homeland Security Department, joins In Depth with more.

Jeff Neal
Senior Vice president
ICF International

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Federal employees are back in the office today…but besides the backlog of work, your agency will have a morale problem to deal with. Jeff Neal, senior vice president of ICF International and former chief human capital officer for the Homeland Security Department, maintains the ChiefHRO blog. He joins In Depth with insight into how the shutdown has affected employee morale.

Shutdown: It ain’t over when it’s over (related story)

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Help is on the way for agencies to move to a more dynamic approach to protecting their computer networks and systems. And the best part of the help? It’s free. The Homeland Security Department and the SANS Institute are partnering to provide federal chief information security officers and their staffs assistance in climbing the hill to meet the administration’s requirements to continuously monitor their computer systems. John Pescatore, the director of emerging security trends for SANS, tells executive editor Jason Miller about this new free training course that they hope will lead to better cybersecurity across the government.

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