In Depth Show Blog – December 10, 2013

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Bill Dougan
National Federation of Federal Employees

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Congress gives itself only three more days to reach a budget deal to fund your agency through fiscal 2014. Some of the ideas already on the table could have a lasting impact on the overall federal workforce.

Colleen Kelley
National Treasury Employees Union

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A congressional budget deal isn’t due until Friday, but some of the ideas on the table could take a bite out of your paycheck in the new year.

Gordon Adams
Distinguished Fellow
Stimson Center

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Leaders from the House and Senate have a deal on the National Defense Authorization Act. The act would fund national defense at about $632 billion. Gordon Adams, a former OMB defense budget official and now at American University and the Stimson Center, says the numbers in the NDAA and the potential budget deal Congress is working on aren’t anywhere close to being in sync.

Jessica Klement
Legislative Director
National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

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A long-dreaded change to federal retiree benefits might finally surface in the congressional budget deal expected this week.

Ginger McCall
Federal Policy Manager
Sunlight Foundation

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Your agency has a new deadline for opening access to its enterprise data inventory to the public. The residual impacts of the shutdown are causing some of the delays and, so far, progress is a mixed bag of results for the White House’s open government initiative.

Roger Waldron
Coalition for Government Procurement

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The General Services Administration wants to revamp its strategic sourcing plan for your agency’s office supplies. A draft solicitation for Office Supplies Three is already out, but some contactors are raising eyebrows about its impact on long-term federal acquisition strategies. Roger Waldron is president of the Coalition for Government Procurement.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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A compromise is in hand on the National Defense Authorization Act. Staffers are still working to turn that compromise into actual legislative language, but it’s already clear that the deal will reject several of the Defense Department’s more controversial suggestions for saving money.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The Intelligence Community is making access to its community sharing platform, called Intelink U, easier and more secure for partners in the Federal government. Non-intelligence community or non-Defense Department agencies can use their smart identity cards under Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 to log onto the network. Mike Kennedy is the executive for assured interoperability for the Program Manager of the Information Sharing Environment. He tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how Intelink-U’s acceptance of HSPD-12 cards marks another step toward creating a secure information sharing environment.

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