Federal News Countdown: Easier to fire executives, agencies meeting progress goals

Two experts in the world of the federal government choose and rank the three news stories from the current week that they think are most important to people who work for the federal government. This discussion gives Federal employees and contractors a chance to hear what their peers are thinking about, talking about and dealing with.

Guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • Stan Soloway, President, Professional Services Council
  • Ron Sanders, Vice President, Booz Allen

Stan Soloway’s stories:

#3 Minimum wage that ‘makes a difference’ (The Hill)


#2 OMB says agencies meeting progress goals (The Washington Post)

#1 OPM cancels $2B training RFP 15 months into the acquisition process (Federal News Radio)

Ron Sanders’s stories:

#3 House bill would make it easier to fire senior execs (Federal News Radio)

#2 Cyber framework hits streets (Federal Times)

#1 Here’s why cutting 20 percent Hagel’s staff is a bad idea (Defense One)