The AMMIE Awards

Emory Miller
Senior Vice President

Amtower opens this show by announcing his first annual AMMIE Awards in the categories of

  1. Chalk Outline of the Government Contract Boulevard award;
  2. The Do Not Pull On Supermans Cape award;
  3. The You Can Lead a Horse to Water award; and,
  4. the Congressional Methane Production award. Listen to catch the winners.

Amtower and guest Emory Miller of Robbins-Gioia discuss Program Management and its various applications in the federal market. Starting with a discussion of the changing landscape under the President’s Management Agenda and the need for developing a professional Program Management career track in government to fully support the implementation of the programs the government pursues.


Currently, the execution of many government programs is done poorly. Miller contends that this is partly due to the fact that there is no professional training for or career track for people responsible for carrying programs to fruition.