Minute Man

Ken Blanchard
Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Author
Ken Blanchard Companies
March 28th, 2008

Amtower interviews all-time business best-seller Ken Blanchard, co-author of 17 business best-sellers, including the all-time leader, The One Minute Manager. The interview covers the outrageous success of The One Minute Manager (17 million copies in print, still in print 27 years after being published and still on the Top 100 active business best sellers, translated into 20+ languages), the Blanchard contributions to the American business lexicon (phrases like “catch people doing something right”, “nice guys may appear to finish last but are usually running a different race”, “things not worth doing are not worth doing well.”) and more – including 2 segments on the forthcoming soon-to-be best-seller The One Minute Entrepreneur, featuring Ken’s personal mentor (and Amtower friend), Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.